Welcome To the Department of Mathematics

Cody Talks with Michelle


We are committed to improving mathematics teaching and learning by developing equitable pathways to support STEM awareness, interest, engagement, and achievement for all students.


Provide leadership to empower teachers to deliver rigorous instruction that develops mathematical competence and confidence in students, and provide effective strategies for improving STEM literacy for all.


  • Empower teachers to deliver high-quality instruction utilizing standards- based curriculum.
  • Provide district-wide mathematics curriculum leadership.
  • Ensure mathematical competence and confidence in students.
  • Provide effective strategies for improving STEM literacy.
  • Encourage mathematics’ rich classroom environments.
  • Build leadership capacity.
  • Promote rigor, relevance, and relationships in mathematics’ classrooms.
  • Involve the community, businesses, universities, and parents in supporting
    mathematicsthroughout the district.

    Underlying Principles

  • Instructional programs and teaching strategies must accommodate diverse learning styles and needs.
  • Excellence in mathematics teaching and learning grows from a commitment shared by teachers, students, parents, administrators, and the community at large.
  • Learning is a lifelong process. Successful learners are lifelong learners.